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Why we shouldn't drink milk?articles

We have been taught that cow milk is a complete food, so we should drink it every day. But, it seems cow milk and dairy products are harmful rather than beneficial for our health.


Why we shouldn’t drink milk?


Recent studies showed drinking cow milk linked bone fractures, heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, earlier death, brain problem, weight gain, acne, and Parkinson’s disease.


My childhood memory about milk

When I was a child, I was told I should drink more milk because it is good for my body. In the fridge, there was always a bottle of milk. My mother was happy that I was drinking a lot of milk.

When I was in elementary school and junior high school, the school was providing milk in school lunch. And, it is still the same in Japan. Every meal had a 220 ml bottle of milk. We had to finish them. It was an obligation. Teachers didn’t allow us to go out of the classroom until we drink it all. Some kids didn’t like a milk taste, and it is like torture for them. You know, school lunch is the Japanese style. Milk taste never match to the Japanese food.

We can’t blame those school teachers who force children to drink milk because they are just following rules which decided by the Japanese government.

There have been myths about milk.


Milk myth

Myth 1: Milk builds strong bones.

The truth is completely the opposite.

We have believed we need to drink more milk when we are younger because milk has lots of calcium. So, our bones get stronger. In Japan, there was a TV advertisement saying “Drink more milk because it is good for your bones!”. Now we know it is a lie.

A new study at Harvard with 35,349 men broke the myth. Scientists found people consume more milk as a teen, the risk of hip fractures increases 9% when they get older. Study in China with 757 girls of age 10 showed drinking milk decrease bone mineral density and content. Harvard did a study with 78,000 women for 12 years, finding out women who drink milk three times per day could more easily break bones than those who don’t drink milk much. There are more studies that show milk is harmful to your bones. You can find it on the internet.

Calcium and other minerals are very important for our bone strength. It is true. Preventing calcium loss is further important than taking more calcium.

Mineral loss in bones is caused by genetics, diet, and lifestyle. The more animal protein, salt, and caffeine, and tobacco, the more bone mineral loss. The less exercise and the less sun exposure, the more bone mineral loss.

Animal proteins contain a high amount of sulfur-containing amino acids. Sulfur becomes sulfate, which makes your blood more acid. Your bones try to neutralize the acid by dissolving itself. And, you lose your bone mineral from your pee. This is why animal proteins decrease your bone mineral content.

Then, how about plant protein? A vegan diet contains 2 to 5 times less sulfur-containing amino acids than meat and eggs. So, a vegan diet doesn’t hurt your bone health not as animal protein does.

Green leafy vegetables and beans are a great source for calcium, other minerals, and other beneficial nutrients. Broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, mustard-relatives green leaves are popular for their contents of easily absorbable calcium. Exceptionally spinach’s calcium is difficult to be absorbed to the human body.

You can get calcium from calcium-fortified fruit juice and calcium supplement, too.

Myth 2: Milk makes you lose weight.

The truth is completely the opposite.

Responding to the dairy industry’s propaganda, “Drink milk, and lose weight!”, Purdue University did study the relationship between the amount of milk consumption and losing weight. None of the milk consumption groups couldn’t help lose weight. Actually, the highest dairy intake group gained weight 1.5kg. If they continue the same diet for 10 years, they will gain 15 kg.

Child obesity is a huge problem in the world. It is because children eat more oils, meat, cheese, and frozen desserts. In the U.S. For example. Americans are eating nine times more cheese than in 1909. The cheep cheese price is because of cheap treating of cows as milking machines,

You probably guess low-fat milk helps you lose weight.

No. Actually, any kind of milk will risk you overweight. According to a study with 10,700 children, children (2-4 years old) who drink 1% skim milk have more obesity.

Myth 3: Milk is a perfect food.

Actually, it is really not true.

When you hear the word, perfect food, probably you imagine that the food can give all nutrition what you need. Milk is not such a kind of food. Milk doesn’t contain essential nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, and fiber.

Milk is not a nutritionally perfect food. Further, it can cause a health problem. Such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

 Myth 4: Kids have to drink cow milk for their healthy growth.

Truth is that kids should not drink cow milk.

Cow milk is a perfect food only for a baby cow for a short period. But it is not a perfect food for other mammals including a human baby.

Even for a cow, it is not a perfect food when it grows up. After the digestive system develops, a baby cow stops drinking milk and start to eat grass. It is not necessary for a baby cow anymore. But, sadly, we humans take cow milk from a baby cow when they really need for healthy growth, and make ourselves sicker. I think it is insane. And, baby cows are killed to become meat for humans. And, the meat makes human sicker. I don’t understand why we humans do that…

Milk contains lactose which is a kind of sugar difficult to digest. When we are a baby, we have an enzyme called lactase in our intestine. Because of the enzyme, we can digest lactose in mother’s milk. But, when we grow up, we don’t need to drink milk anymore, so the enzyme becomes less or disappear. It is nature’s law.

When we grow up, the lactase enzyme in intestine decreases or disappears. It is because we can get nutrients from other foods and we don’t need to drink mother’s milk anymore. Even we don’t need to drink the human mother’s milk as we grow up, then why we should drink cow’s milk?

That is how lactose intolerance happens. It is nature’s system. Although lactose intolerance varies by ethnicity, 65% of the world population is lactose intolerant.


Other shocking facts about milk

increasing mortality

Based on a study with 140,000 participants, people who consume more milk with the fewest fruits and vegetables increase their death risk 3 times more than people who eat more fruits and vegetables. Drinking milk gives more oxidation stress to your body, but fruits and vegetables provide you antioxidants which can fight with oxidation stress.


People consume more dairy product have a 141% higher risk of death from prostate cancer than less drinking people. In another study, overweight men who drink 4 servings of milk per week have 73% more risk of recurring prostate cancer than people who don’t drink.

People who eat more tomato sauce or cruciferous vegetables have less risk of prostate cancer. Cruciferous vegetables are cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and so on.

According to a study with 1,941 women, women eat American, cheddar, and cream cheeses the most have a 53% higher risk for breast cancer.

Women intake more lactose (sugar in milk) have more risk of ovarian cancer and Testicular Cancer.


Scientists found cow’s milk can cause acne regardless it is low-fat or high-fat milk.

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Parkinson’s disease

People eat dairy products the most have a 70% higher risk to develop Parkinson’s disease.

Decreasing cognitive function

According to a study with 13,751 participants for 20 years, people who drink more than a glass of milk every day have 10% less cognitive function than people drinking less.

What is GABA good for?

Saturated fat

Dairy products are the no.1 saturated fat source in the U.S. There is a study that found people who eat the most saturated fat have a twice higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease than people who eat the least.



It seems very difficult for people to stop eating dairy products even if people start to know the painful truth about dairy products. Once we grow up, our diet is our choice. So, we should learn what is best for us and decide for ourselves.

However, children have no choice of what to eat. It is our responsibility before children grow up. So, we can prevent the cause of health issues for children. We should not give our bad habits to children.

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