Why is brown rice healthy?

Why is brown rice healthy?articles

In this post, I will discuss “why is brown rice healthy?”.

As I described in another post, carbohydrates are the most optimal and efficient energy source for our human body. You can’t get carbohydrates from any meat such as beef, chicken, and fish. Although almost all plants contain carbohydrates, some plants got more. Usually, such plants become a staple food in each region.

In Japan, short-grain rice is our staple food and our main carbohydrate source. Although short-grain white rice is more common in Japan, short-grain brown rice is getting popular again because of the several health benefits. The popularity of brown rice also came from the fame of macrobiotic, too.

In this post, I will describe the benefit of brown rice in the beginning, and also some problems in the next part.

Benefits of brown rice

The difference between brown rice and white rice

I grew up with rice, but not with brown rice. It is very common in Japan people to eat more white rice than brown rice. However, I prefer brown rice more than white rice. Why? I feel more content with it. I am not talking about fulfilling my stomach. I feel content spiritually and vibrationally. I feel my body is joyful with Genmai, short-grain brown rice.


After you harvest rice grain from the rice field, you dry it and remove the husk. It is brown rice, genmai. If you remove bran from the surface of brown rice, it becomes the only endosperm part, which is white rice. By removing bran from rice, you are losing a lot of good nutrients. So, of course, brown rice is higher in nutrition than white rice. White rice mainly consists of starch. So, by eating short-grain brown rice you can get various nutrients and good starch.

Brown rice is full of life energy.

Brown rice is alive. but, white rice is not. If you plant brown rice into the soil, it germinates and becomes a rice plant. If you put white rice into the soil, it just gets rotten. Eating brown rice is eating living life energy. Not only brown rice, but it is also better we eat whole foods which are still alive with full of life energy.

Brown rice is rich in essential nutrients

Brown rice is rich in essential nutrients that are required for maintaining human health, such as vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Comparing to white rice, brown rice is rich in vitamin B1.

Brown rice contains all essential amino acids which are building blocks of protein and which you can’t make in your body. You can get enough calories and protein only eating rice.

In macrobiotic, short-grain brown rice is known as a complete food, which means you can live only with eating short-grain brown rice.  On the other hand, modern nutrition science considers it is not possible.

Brown rice cleans modern toxins from your body.

As you live in modern society, you are absorbing toxins from processed foods, pesticides, and pollution without your noticing. Fat-soluble toxin such as dioxin is very difficult to remove once it gets in to fat in your body.

Brown rice contains IP-6 and inositol which can remove heavy metals and fat-soluble toxins such as dioxin from your body. The leafy green vegetables also have the power to remove dioxins. So, eating brown rice with green vegetables is a perfect combination to detox your body.

In the 1950s, there was serious mercury pollution in the sea from a factory near my home town. At the time, many people got poisoned by eating fish, having abnormal newborn babies, and people are still suffering until now. However, people who were eating brown rice constantly could avoid being poisoned by mercury.

Also, insoluble fibers in brown rice can clean your colon and remove excess cholesterol and carcinogenic compounds. On top of that, insoluble fibers stimulate bowel movements. The bowel movement is the core of your detoxifying system.

According to Dr. Abulkalam Shamsuddin, Finish people are 2 times less in colon cancer incidence than Denish people because Finish eats whole grain with bran in the daily diet, they get more IP-6 and inositol. Brown rice is rich in IP-6 and inositol. You can get IP-6 and inositol also from other cereals grains, seeds and legumes, too.

Brown rice helps to remove fat from the liver and to lose weight

If you want to lose weigh in a healthy way, you have to remove accumulated toxins from your body first. Otherwise, you gain fat back again and again. As I mentioned above, brown rice can do. On top of that, IP-6 and inositol in brown rice remove not only toxins but also fat from your liver and help you to lose weight.

Brown rice and miso soup with seaweed saved people from an atomic bomb.

There is a doctor who cured atomic-bomb sickness in Nagasaki. His name is Dr. Shinichiro Akizuki.

On August 9th, 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped in the center of Nagasaki city. About 240 thousand people died. People got exposed to strong radiation. Some people died immediately, and some people died slowly with atomic-bomb sickness. After the bomb dropped, many patients were carried to the hospital. The hospital itself was half destroyed surrounded by radioactive fallout, and there were no medicines and equipment.

Dr. Akizuki had cured his tuberculosis with brown rice and miso soup with wakame seaweed before. So, he intuitively ordered the hospital staff to serve brown rice with sea salt and miso soup with seaweed to the exposed patients.

Although there was no record to show what happened to those patients, miraculously, people who worked in the hospital surrounded by radioactive fallout didn’t have the symptom of atomic-bomb sickness at all. They lived a long life like other normal people.

There is another story about the atomic bomb and brown rice in Hiroshima.

One lady was exposed to an atomic bomb at 9 years old. She suffered burns over the whole body. She got less and less function of the liver and white blood cells because of atomic-bomb sickness. She lost half of her hair and eyebrows, being covered with keloid all over the body.

Later, she became a researcher of radiation for the hope of her cure. Then, she met Dr. Hiraga who recommend her to eat brown rice with vegetables and seaweed. After a few months, Her keloid fell off and her hair and eyebrows became normal. Later, she married Dr. Hiraga and gave birth to 7 children.

Brown rice can stabilize your mentality

Short-grain brown rice contains gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA), which calms your mind. GABA also helps to reduce cholesterol in your blood, remove fat from your body, and soothe skin inflammation.

When you soak brown rice in water, it will start to germinate. GABA content increases by soaking brown rice for 8 hours in water. GABA content in germinating brown rice is 10 times more than white rice.

Inositol stabilizes the nervous system, improves depression and panic attacks.

Why is brown rice healthy?

Problems of brown rice

  • Comparing to white rice, Brown rice is 10% less easy to digest. So, you can soak brown rice in 8 hours and trigger its germination. Then, brown rice gets softer and more easy to digest. You can cook the same way as you cook white rice. With germination, several nutrient contents increase, for example, inositol content increases 4.9 times.
  • Although you can get all essential amino acids, good carbohydrates, and other beneficial nutrients by eating brown rice, modern nutrition science believes brown rice is not a complete food. If you want to get complete nutrition by following modern science, you can add other vegetables, beans, and grains to your diet. In macrobiotic, short-grain brown rice is considered as a complete food.
  •  Unlike other carbohydrates such as white rice, refined white flour, and white sugar, You get easily feel full with eating brown rice because brown rice is rich in fiber. If your fulfillment is eating a lot, brown rice is not for you.
  •  Some people say pesticide residues remain in bran part of brown rice. Therefore, it is better to choose organic short-grain brown rice for your safety.


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