Why being vegan is good? part 1 – animals and the environment

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Is being vegan is good? Why do vegan people say being vegan is good?

Being vegan or not being vegan, both are different choices. Not being vegan doesn’t mean it wrong. Everyone has a choice for their own life. Either being vegan or not, it is a perfect choice for each person.Vegan is a person who doesn’t eat or use any animal products including fish, eggs, dairy, and insects.


Reasons to be a vegan


If you ask vegan people why they become vegan, you will get different answers from each person. Then, what kind of answers will you get?

Answers may be;

“I love animals. I don’t want to hurt animals.”

“I want to contribute the Earth sustainable.”

“I don’t want to give suffering to other people.”

“I want to stop world hunger.”

“I want to be healthier.”

“My feeling is good on a vegan diet.”

“I want to grow my spirituality.”

“I don’t like the taste of meat, fish, egg, and milk.

“My parents forced me to be a vegan.”

“My husband is a vegan. So, I became a vegan.”

“I don’t feel to eat an animal. I don’t consider an animal as food.”


Answers can be more. Vegan people become vegan for,

  • animals,
  • the earth environment,
  • stopping world hunger,
  • health,
  • own preference (taste),
  • spiritual growth
  • and, other people’s preferences.

Some people are vegan because of one of those reasons. Some people are vegan because of all those reasons.



Reasons to be non-vegan


Again, If you ask non-vegan people why they are not vegan, you will hear reasons such as follows.

“I need animal protein to be strong. “

“I don’t want to get sick by lack of nutrition.”

“My doctor told me to eat meat.”

“I like the taste of meat. I cannot live without meat.”

“I have been eating meat from my childhood. So, I continue.”

“My family and almost everyone around me eats meat. So, I also do the same.”

“My parents forced me to eat meat.”

“My spiritual master told me it is ok to eat meat.”


So, reasons to be non-vegan is for,

  • nutrition for health
  • own preference (taste),
  • and, other people’s preferences.


Being vegan for Animal

If you eat meat, which means you are eating an animal. it is nothing wrong.being vegan for animal

In our history, a human race has been eating animals. some regions eat more than other regions because of the environment.

The Colder the area is, the more animals people tend to eat. It is because of the difficulty to grow vegetables or to find wild fruits and vegetables. So, in those regions, eating meat is a part of the culture. This is how they live.

Now the world has changed. Because of the technological development in agriculture and transportation, the food industry has changed. If you go to a supermarket, you can get fresh fruit and vegetables all year round. On top of it, if you go to the internet, you can find and buy any kind of food and product.  

Vegan people are sensitive and feel painful to animal’s pains and sufferings. Before eating meat, you need to prepare meat. Preparing a slice of meat means taking life from the animal. Vegan people cannot stand to the truth even they are not seeing it in front of them. They can feel it. Very sensitive.

Some people may say, “plants are also life. plants can also feel pain. You should not eat vegetables too.”

Whether it is true or not, the point is the vegan people feel pain to animal’s suffering. while, they can enjoy picking, cooking, and eating plants.Vegan people are honest about their own feelings, accept the feeling and live in the way.

So, why being vegan is good?By being vegan, they are confirming their love-based feelings by taking action.


Being a vegan for the earth environment

Is being vegan good for the earth environment?

Now scientific research can tell the reality.Being a vegan for the environment For a long period of time, people have been hunting animals to survive. Sometimes in some regions, only meat is a food source because of the environment and climate. Ancient people start to raise animals to secure their food resources. At the time, everything was in balance. The human race was consuming meat much less than now. They grow, kill, eat animals as much as they need.

But, now everything has changed with technology.

A huge freezer can preserve meat for a long time. The transportation system can send meat from production to consumers to very far places. A large scale of crop production can produce a large amount of animal feed. They made it possible human race can raise livestock on a massive scale as a commodity.

Current meat and seafood production have grown 4-5 times since 1961.

To support the mass production of meat, 30% of the land surface on the Earth is for grazing livestock. 70% of land use in all agriculture is for livestock production.   

The truth is the amount of production is more than we need. According to FAO, 20% of dairy products, 35% of fish and seafood, 20% of meat is wasted every year.

Then,  how the livestock industry affects the earth’s environment?

  • 14.5% of greenhouse gas emission is by livestock, which is almost the same to 100 years of CO2 emission.
  • The livestock industry is 56% of the air pollution source in the agriculture sector. Livestock industry emits hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and PM. They cause respiratory health problems for people such as asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia.
  • Nutrient pollution in soil and ground is a big problem. It is because of a large amount of manure in a concentrated small geographic area.
  • Livestock needs a large amount of fresh water. The livestock industry makes one-third of clean fresh water wasted. In the meantime,4 billion people (⅔ of the world population) are facing a severe shortage of clean fresh water.
  • 80% of destroying forests is for expanding the cattle field. Return the land to forests takes 65 years.
  • Soybean production is the second major cause of deforestation. The main purpose of soybean production is for livestock feed.


Being a vegan for stopping world hunger

We, humans, destroy a forest and expand cattle ranch and grain farms for animal feed. To produce 1 kg of beef, cows need to eat 10 kg of grain. It is inefficient energy conversion.being a vegan for world hunger

In meanwhile,1/7 people of the world population suffer from hunger. But, 20% of produced meat is becoming waste every year.

If everyone in the world becomes a vegan once a week, it will be a huge impact.

Small action by every person triggers big shifts and revolution for world peace.

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