what is vegan baby food? what is the best for your baby?

what is vegan baby food? what is the best for your baby? articles


In this post, I will discuss what is vegan baby food.  If you are the parents of a newborn baby, I am very sure that you want to give the best choice for your baby. First of all, we should avoid unhealthy food for the baby. In this part, t there is no difference between a baby and an adult. If the food is unhealthy for adults, it is definitely unhealthy for babies, too. On top of the idea, we can choose what is the best choice as baby food.

What should infants be fed?

As WHO (World Health Organization) strongly recommends, All infants should get breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months”. The longer babies are breastfed, the better. Mother’s breast milk provides everything that babies need nutritionally. Even life science has improved a lot, a human has never created artificially the same quality of food for babies as breast milk.

Mother’s breast milk helps babies to build the immune system by providing proteins and antibodies. Antibodies are protective proteins that combine with foreign pathogenic substances including disease-causing organisms such as virus and bacteria and toxic materials such as insect venom and neutralize them.

However,  there are mothers whose bodies don’t produce enough breast milk. Although it is true breastfeeding is the best option for an infant’s nutrition,  mothers who have difficulty breastfeeding need to have other options for feeding a baby.

We have a 9-months old daughter. To match my daughter’s need, my wife’s breast milk was not enough. So, our daughter needed to be fed with not only breastmilk but also baby formula.

After the first 6 months, in addition to breast milk and baby formula, she started to eat plant-based baby food such as fruits, sweet potatoes, potatoes, pumpkins, zucchinis, and beans.

Soy formula or cow milk formula?

Which formula is the best? I can introduce which formula my daughter is drinking now.

Only for the first 3 months, in addition to breast milk, my daughter was drinking both of soy formula and cow’s milk formula. After 3 months, she has been drinking breast milk and soy formula, but not cow’s milk formula anymore.

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The concern about soy formula talked on the internet is if or not it has a negative effect on reproductive health. According to a study, there was no difference in reproduction health between adults who grew up with soy formula and cow’s milk formula. PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) mentions in the article that in case the mother’s breast milk is not available, commercial soy formulas are available.

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From my wife’s research, she chooses a soy formula from “Nature’s One”. The company strongly encourages mothers to breastfeed infants on the product label. Therefore, all baby formula products from the company are labeled as for one year and older. However, for babies who need extra nutrition sources because breast milk is not enough, Soy formula from Nature’s one is the best choice. Why?

  • It is the only organic soy formula certified by USDA Organic.
  • It is a certified organic product by OneCert (Organic certification for the world).
  • It doesn’t contain dairy and lactose.
  • It is a 100% plant-based product.
  • It is 100% non-GMO ingredients.
  • The sugar content is 4 times less than average formulas.
  • It doesn’t contain corn syrup, purified sugar, and lactose. Instead, organic brown rice syrup is used.
  • No palm oil is used. Palm oil is the major cause of deforestation.
  • It is gluten-free.
  • It is suitable for galactosemia.
  • Alfa -linolenic and linoleic fatty acids in the formula are converted to DHA and ARA in the human body. DHA and ARA are found in breast milk and play an important role in developing eyes and brain.

Most of the other baby formulas contain the synthesized version of  DHA and ARA, which are different from those in breast milk. DHA is also known as an omega-3 fatty acid. The omega-3 fatty acid supplement is famous for mental and brain health and heart health as the website says. However, according to a clinical study with 4000 patients for 5 years, the omega-3 supplement didn’t slow cognitive decline. Also, another study showed no effect on improving heart health. Additionally, there is a possible risk that the omega-3 supplement increases men’s prostate cancer.

What kind of food does baby eat after 6 months?


According to Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, at the age of 6-month-old, a baby starts to eat solid food. Iron-fortified infant cereal mixed with breastmilk or soy formula is a good introduction of solid food.  This way of introduction has the least chance to cause allergy.

At around 6 months, it’s time to introduce solid foods to your baby’s diet. Introduce iron-fortified infant cereal, mixed with a little breast milk or soy formula, since it is the least likely to cause allergies.

At the age of 6 to 8 months, a baby eats more variety of plant-based food. It includes potatoes, green beans, carrots, and peas. They should be thoroughly cooked. In Japan, we also give a baby rice porridge cooked with an extra amount of water.

How to make brown rice porridge

In Japan, rice porridge is a good choice as the introduction of solid food to a 6-month-old baby.

Making rice porridge is very simple and easy. You cook 1 cup of rice with 7-10 cups of water. In the beginning, you start to give rice porridge with more water and gradually reduce the amount of water.

Brown rice is also good choice. Brown rice is more nutritious than white rice.

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Nutrition experts in Japan recommend to mix brown rice with white rice and make porridge for infant food. Brown rice is 10% more difficult to digest than white rice. However, it is not an issue. By letting brown rice germinate, it becomes easier to digest.

Brown rice is more nutritious than white rice, and it becomes even more nutritious by letting brown rice germinate. For example, germinated brown rice contains rich amount of GABA.

By using an automatic germinating rice cooker from Japan, you and your baby both enjoy the great taste and the benefit of germinated brown rice.


According to our experience, it is very important to observe the response of your baby to the food you gave, such as pooping. If your baby doesn’t like the food, you try others. But, don’t give your baby food with refined sugar and artificial food additives. They pollute the body of your baby. Refined sugar hidden in processed food is highly addictive. Once your baby gets used to the sugar taste, your baby wants to take sugar always after growing up.


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