How to clear acne with diet – removing toxins from your body

How to clear acne with diet - removing toxins from your bodyarticles

In this post, I will discuss how to clear acne with diet.


Do you think it possible to remove acne by diet? There are people who removed acne through diet. So, it is possible for you too. How did they do?


It is the high carb and very low-fat vegan diet based on whole foods such as grains, vegetables, and fruits. The kind of diet is traditionally common in Asia and Africa, where acne occurrence is much less than western countries. Acne is more common in places where the diet is more westernized, which is a high animal fat diet.


Additionally, there are people have still acne even after starting a vegan diet. Some people even get worse, then stop the diet. Actually, the symptom is a sign of detoxification and will go away eventually.


I also suspect acne is caused by not only consuming an excess amount of fat but also toxic food additives. So, removing toxins from your body is very important for acne healing.


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What is acne?


When you have accumulated fat (sebum) in the sebaceous gland on your skin, they trigger the propagation of bacteria called Cutibacterium acnes. The bacteria produce chemical compounds and cause inflammation on your skin. That is acne. The usually if you go to a doctor for acne, they will try to treat the symptom by applying medicines for,

  • anti-inflammation,
  • anti-bacteria,
  • antibiotics,
  • reducing Sebum.

These treatments are treating symptoms, but not cause. Then, what is the cause?


What is the cause of acne?


Most doctors think acne is nothing to do with diet. Some doctors believe acne is because of the high-fat western diet. In some studies, researchers found there is no acne occurrence in regions where people continue traditional high carbohydrate low-fat diet.


Although I agree that a high-fat diet can cause acne, there is another important factor, which is fat-soluble toxins from the modern food industry.


Acne is not a disease, but the result of self-defense system against modern toxins


If you are exposed to modern human society, you always have risks to get toxins into your body. Toxins can come from everywhere. For example,

  • polluted foods: junk food (preservatives, artificial sweetener, food coloring, emulsifiers), hormones, antibiotics in meat, dairy products, and egg, heavy metals in fish, and herbicides,
  • polluted water: heavy metals from industry, estrogen hormones and antibiotics from livestock manure,
  • polluted air: particle matters from modern industrial activities and exhaust gas, and chemical gas,
  • and, polluted skincare: synthesized chemicals that never naturally occur.

If your body has a well functioning metabolism, your body tries to get rid of toxins from your body in several ways.

  • stool 75%
  • urine 20%
  • sweat 3%
  • nail 1%
  • hair 1%

If the pollutant is water-soluble, it is easier to remove through stool and pee. But, modern synthesized toxins including food additives and cosmetic ingredients are fat-soluble, and many of them are made from petroleum. When you consume them through mouth and skin, they are stored in fat in your cells. The more you have fat in your cells, the more likely you accumulate these artificial toxins in your body and the more difficult to remove them. By the way, those toxins can accumulate in the brain more easily because your brain’s 60% is fat.


You still can remove fat-soluble toxins because your body doesn’t want them in itself, trying to find the way to get rid of. Acne is one of the cleansing processes to remove water-insoluble and fat-soluble toxins from your body.

As you know acne is common for adolescents. The following numbers are the percentage of acne occurrence for each generation.

  • 79% to 95% in adolescents
  • 40% to 54% in Older than 25
  • 3% to 12% in Middle-aged


The more active your metabolism is, the more likely your body can remove these toxins, instead of saving in fat in your cells. So, you have more acne when you are an adolescent because of the higher metabolism. It is the process of detoxification, but, not disease.


Why some people have more severe acne than others?


When the following conditions are together fulfilled, you may have a chance to have more severe acne.


  • You have been accumulating fat-soluble toxins in your cells so far by eating junk foods. So, your cells are waiting for a chance to remove the toxins. Junk food can be vegan or non-vegan foods.
  • Your metabolism is very high. So, your body has more power to remove toxin-contaminated fat through sebaceous to the outside of the skin.
  • When your metabolism is high and you eat excess fatty foods, your body uses the excess fat to dissolve toxin in the fat, and, try to remove through the sebaceous gland. That is why eating fat including animal fat and plant fat can worsen your acne.
  • If you eat junk foods full of artificial food additives, your body doesn’t want them. So, the body tries to get rid of them together with fat through the sebaceous gland. So, you get worse acne.
  • Cow milk contains hormones such as estrogen. Your body doesn’t want extra hormones in your body. So, if your metabolism is active, your body tries to remove cow hormones from your body. Estrogen is a fat-soluble hormone. So, acne gets worse.


WHy high carbohydrate low-fat vegan diet can heal acne?


I can say acne is the warning sign from your body defense system, that you need to do something with toxins in your body. If you see acne as an enemy or disease, you will miss what your body wants to tell you. It is very important to treat the cause, but not the symptoms. Changing diet to a high carbohydrate low-fat vegan diet is a great way to treat the cause.


Carbohydrate is the most efficient energy source for your muscle. So, when you start a high carb low-fat vegan diet, your metabolism becomes better. So, your body’s cleansing power increases.


Some people may get more severe acne very at the beginning when they start the diet. It is a part of detoxification. It happens because your metabolism becomes higher and your detoxification power becomes stronger. Acne is a result of detoxification. The process will be better later depending on how much you have consumed toxins so far.


If you want to treat acne better, you really should stop eating fat. When your metabolism is higher and has fat-soluble toxins in your body, very little fat can trigger the explosion of acne.


To remove fat from your diet, off course, you should avoid animal products, dairy products, fish and eggs. Also, it is very important to avoid any plant fat such as nuts, seeds, avocados, soybeans, and any plant oils.


The cause of acne and obesity is the same.


Although you may visit this post to get information to heal acne, I want to stress how important to remove toxins in your body. If you still have accumulated toxin in your body, your body will crave fat to dilute the toxin. So, you finally become overweight and obese.


Acne and obesity have the same cause, which is the accumulation of fat-soluble toxin in your body. When your metabolism is high, you get acne because your body does the effort to get rid of toxin. When your metabolism is low, your body cannot get rid of toxin from your body. Instead, you clave to eat more fat, so your body can dilute fat-soluble toxins with fat. And, Ironically modern fat-rich food contains a lot of fat-soluble toxins. So, you want to eat more fat. It is like a snowball.


How long does it take to heal acne with the diet?


Following is the time duration that the cells of each organ become completely new. From the numbers, you can guess.

  • Skin (20s): 28 days.
  • Skin (30s): 40 days.
  • Skin (40s): 55 days.
  • Skin (50s): 75 days.
  • Skin (60s): 100 days.
  • muscle: 200 days
  • blood: 100-120 days
  • brain: 1 year
  • lever: 1 year
  • kidney: 1 year
  • bones (adolescent): less than 2 years
  • bones (adult): less than 2 years and half
  • bones (more than 70 years old): 3 years.


By the way, there is a guy who knows about acne more than me. He cured his own acne by himself after many years of suffering and research.  You can check him out.


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