high carb fat loss review : the healthy way to lose body fat

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Product: High Carb Fat Loss review

Price: $37.00

The Cheapest Place to Buy: High Carb Fat Loss website (not available in any stores)

Vegan-friendly: Yes (applicable for a vegan and a meat-eating diet)

Guarantee: 60 days – money back guaranteed

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Short description: a healthy way to lose body fat with a high carbohydrate low-fat diet.


Product Description

This online course “High Carb Fat Loss” is not only for losing weight, but also have several health benefits.

This system is created by two men. One is Mark Kislich, Olympic Performance Coach from Iceland. He is a vegan. The other one is Rusty Moore, who is originally a fitness adviser to runway models and now a full-time fitness writer.

Mark is in the mid-40s and lost 100 pounds (45 kg) with the diet. Mark changed his body by increasing carbohydrate intake and reducing fat intake to 8-10% of daily calories.


High Carb Fat Loss” is based on following basic facts.

  • Excess carbohydrates that you eat are stored as glycogen in your muscle, but not as fat in your cells.
  • The only chance when carbohydrates try to convert itself to fat is when the glycogen in your muscle is 100% full.
  • Your muscle capacity to store glycogen is 1,500-2,000 calories, Exceeding the capacity is very unrealistic. For that, you have to eat more than you can.
  • The fat you eat becomes body fat. Your stored body fat is a reserve tank for excess fat you ate.
  • Eating carbohydrates increase the insulin level in your blood stream. So, excess fat you eat become body fat, but, excess carbohydrate doesn’t.

This course is completely opposite direction from popular diets such as ketogenic diet or Atkins diet, which are based on low carb and high fat. Interestingly, Rusty was formerly an Atkins blog writer. He had great success with it. However, when he saw Mark’s dramatic change, he decided to research and try it for himself. Within 3 weeks, he was completely convinced. After 3 months, he felt the highest energy ever within 10 years at his late forties.

Nowadays, a low carb high-fat diet is getting more and more popular because of the great success of losing weight. I live in Taiwan now. Even here in Asia, everyone talks about a ketogenic diet and want to try the diet for losing weight.

But, despite the popularity all over the world, the longtime safety of a low carb high-fat diet is unknown. For example, the American Heart Association reported A low-carbohydrate diet together with high animal products increased the death from heart disease.

As a Japanese, I feel quite comfortable with the term “high carbohydrate and low fat”. This is how Japanese people traditionally eat. But, After a western diet become popular after world war 2, our Japanese diet completely changed. We started to eat more fat, especially saturated fat derived from animal and dairy products. Along with fat intake increasing in Japan, cancer-related death increased 4 times in 70 years in Japan. Diabetes patients increased 70 times in 70 years. Of course, this online course is not about Japanese traditional diet. But, I want to mention about it.

I can say high-carb low-fat diet is not only effective in losing weight but more sure about the safety and health benefit for the long term. Studies are proving, the more carbohydrates from whole foods such as beans whole grains, fruits, and vegetable people, the less chance of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity people have. According to an article from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, our 3/4 of daily calories should come from carbohydrates of natural whole food, but not from saturated animal fats.

This online course is also vegan-friendly. Mark, one of the two founders, is a vegan. Rusty, the other one, eat meat. So, you can apply the system to your meat-eating diet too. I like the style because whether vegan or not, any type of person can get a benefit!

You can read people’s testimonials from the High Carb Fat Loss website.


Pros and cons


  • High carb fat loss is created by Olympic Performance Coach and transformed his body.
  • Not like other diet methods, the system has no possible risk for your long term health.
  • It is proven by the results of people all over the world.
  • It is a vegan-friendly, at the same time, a meat-eating person friendly.
  • High carb fat loss makes you be lean along with your energy increasing.
  • With High carb fat loss, you don’t even need to worry about protein intake because it is less than you think.
  • With the system, you don’t need to worry about calories. Even 5000+ calories a day is hard to turn into fat.
  • You can avoid the major cause of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, which is too much fat intake.
  • You will learn a specific high carbohydrate diet with which a doctor successfully helped patients to get out of insulin or oral medication.
  • Not like a ketogenic diet, High carb fat loss is bear and alcohol friendly.
  • The High Carb Fat Loss system is more effective for you than a popular low carb diet.
  • Your insulin sensitivity will have a dramatic improvement.
  • The High Carb Fat Loss will improve your energy like a teenager along with boosting the efficiency with which you lose body fat.
  • The online course is fully optimized with a mobile phone.
  • Olympic performance coach, Mark’s athletes all follow the high carb philosophy.
  • You will learn how to quick-scan with an ingredient label whether the food has an optimal amount of fat.
  • You will get a piece of health advice from a doctor who trained cardiac surgeons until age 95 and lived until 104.
  • With The High Carb Fat Loss, you can correct insulin resistance and diabetes caused by excessive fat intake.
  • You will learn the method with which you don’t regain weight after losing fat.
  • If you want to lose weight quickly, you can do it and still can socialize on the weekend.
  • You will learn Olympic performance coach’s healthy whole food vegan diet with zero hunger and no worries about calories.
  • Rusty Moore teaches you how to do regular shopping for meat and processed foods in a grocery store.
  • You can connect to other people who purchased the online course through the Facebook group.
  • Some people reported that they got a better cholesterol level with the course.
  • You don’t need to struggle with a low carb high-fat diet anymore and can be healthy and livable.
  • You can gain muscle mass along with lowering body fat. (You can check the actual number from testimonials.)
  • You don’t need to worry about Testosterone levels.
  • You don’t need to worry about the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • The course is 60 days – 100% money-back guaranteed.


  • You may have a bloated feeling very at the beginning with fiber in whole foods. (But, quickly your body adapts with the help of beneficial bacteria and improve your digestion with all food.
  • It is very difficult for low carb high-fat believers to believe the system really works.
  • Until you experience it, you will never know what you can get from the course.
  • You cannot get it in any shops. So, you cannot browse it in a bookstore before you buy it.
  • You may worry whether you can follow and continue the course because it is new to you. (You have 60 days 100% money back guarantee.)

high carb fat loss review : the healthy way to lose body fat


Who is High Carb Fat Loss for?

  • Someone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way.
  • Someone who doesn’t want regain after losing fat.
  • Someone who doesn’t want to worry about calories.
  • Someone who wants to drink a beer and still can lose weight.
  • Someone who is either on a vegan diet or a meat diet.
  • Someone who wants to gain lean muscle and reduce body fat.
  • Someone who wants to live a healthy and longer life.
  • Someone who wants to prevent heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Someone who wants to improve energy.
  • Someone who had a hard time with low carb high fat.


Why do I recommend High Carb Fat Loss?

I wrote several contents about the vegan diet so far in this blog site. In the writing process, I came across the knowledge that 3/4 of our daily calories should come from carbohydrates of whole food. And, I learn the importance of fiber intake that can nurture beneficial bacteria and improve healthy bowel movement. I also knew how unhealthy consuming high-fat animal products is for the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

So, when I came across a high carb fat loss online program, I was immediately convinced because I knew this program can help so many people. I knew this is an honest and healthy program.

There are so many weight loss programs out there. Some programs attract people for the quick losing weight but without touching core cause. Without changing our core problem, you easily regain body fat. What is the core problem?

It is we are eating too much animal fat. Without solving the problem, it is very difficult to lose body fat and to be healthy and lean at the same time. In other words, if you can solve the point, you can easily be lean and healthy with zero stress.

Thanking Rusty and Mark, High carb fat loss is really the solution to the issue.

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