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Welcome to visit my first website about vegan, “Vegan beginners”.

I appreciate your visiting. Thank you!!


My story

I grew up in the countryside of the southern part of Japan, Kumamoto. I grew up in nature and played in nature. I didn’t grow up as a vegan. But, luckily my grandparents were doing a small garden, and I had always the opportunity to eat a fresh and organic vegetable. And, my mother and grandmother were a very good cook.

When I was at 13, I start to learn that the Earth is polluted by human activity. I was sad. I was interested in keeping the Earth clean and beautiful. I always wanted to do something for the environment. But, I didn’t know what to do.

Time passes, I was working as a scientist in the area of plant biotechnology in a university in the US. I was kind of forgetting what I was feeling about the earth when I was younger.

One day I imagined myself 10 years later who was working in the same job. I felt my face in my imagination was not happy. After that, I met one professor in the school, and he lent me the book “One straw revolution” by Masanobu Fukuoka. That book helped me to realize how strongly agriculture affects the environment. The book also reminds me of how I was feeling about nature when I was a child. I quit my job and went back to Japan.

After backing to Japan I was learning natural farming in Kumamoto. They mentioned to me about a vegetarian lifestyle for a spiritual reason. At the time, I didn’t pay attention much. Actually being vegetarian is very rare in Japan.

Later, I start to learn body therapy techniques. I became more aware of my body. I stopped buying meat for my body’s health. But, I was eating meat if someone invites me. At the time I still liked to buy fish and cook.

After half a year of learning body therapy,  I could develop my own healing technique. The skill can remove people’s pain very quickly in an energetic way. With the skill, I started to travel with backpacking. The first country was Spain. I loved the country. So, I decided to stay there longer by giving therapy to people. At the same time, I became a vegetarian. And, I felt so good for my new diet.

For 9 years I was vegetarian,  and I became a vegan in 2015 when I moved to Taiwan.


Why did I make this site?

There are people who want to start to be vegan. But, sometimes it is difficult to start because of old information which is taught to us about diet and health. That creates fear to become a vegan. I want to help people by providing beneficial information about the vegan diet. So, people feel ok to try a vegan diet.


What is the goal of the site?

I want to help people all over the world to go vegan with their joy.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,



Vegan for beginners|Helping people who are interested in a vegan diet

I am also a healer.




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